11 diciembre 2006

Coleccion de Super Eurobeat for Initial D

En JPopSuki (al que debes registrate para poder buscar mas torrents) me he encontrado con el siguiente enlace que contiene buena parte de la discografia de la serie Initial D:

- Super Eurobit Presents Initial D. (Probablemente te pida que estes registrado para bajar el torrent)

Que tal como describe el uploader:

Here is my collection of Super Eurobeat for Initial D. With oneofakind2k6's upload, the collection is complete. But, seeing he was able to upload, I decided to upload mine too.

To see the album list click on the link below :

To see the files, click the "Files" link below on this page.

Almost all the albums are 128 kbps (SORRY!) but 4 of them are at 320 kbps :

- Initial D First Stage D Selection 1
- Initial D First Stage D Selection 3
- Initial D Second Stage D Non-stop Selection
- Initial D Fourth Stage Non-stop Selection

The pack includes the openings/Endings which are JPop. They are made by Move, Galla and Every Little Thing.

I don't know if one day I will upload the WHOLE thing... I mean, to upload all my Eurobeat folder because it is 37 GB. If I get an high demand, I will.

P.S : Counts as an eurobeat release.
Next :
1. Eurobeat releases (Future releases)
2. B'z Monster's Garage DVD (End Of December)
3. B'z Discography (End Of January)

Disfruten, que hay mas torrents por ver!

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